5 Great Positions for Switching Up Self-Pleasure

Masturbation Position WoC in shower on blue background

We’ve come to the end of Masturbation Month, and we hope you’ve had fun experimenting with different ways of bringing yourself to orgasm. Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new techniques, toys, or ways to get off adds self-pleasure options. Playing around with positions can also have surprising outcomes. A new and different masturbation position can speed up your orgasm or slow it down if that’s what you want. It changes how you hold your hands and your body and how you flex your muscles.

There are some limits to sex positions. It depends on how bendy you are and how long or flexible your limbs are. We’re not going to suggest anything too cumbersome. (Honestly, the last year has been tiring enough.).

Here are our top 5 positions for masturbation switch-ups


Position 1: Standing Up

If you have good balance, you might be able to stand straight up and down in the middle of a room, but if you’re anything like us, it’s much safer to lean against a wall or a door. Especially as you inch closer and closer to a knee-trembling orgasm.

Add a bit of spicy temperature play to your standing mazzie by leaning against the cold tiles in your bathroom while the showerhead spray warmth over your genitals. The water offers almost vibrator-like sensations, and this is reliable for good orgasms. Mind the slipperiness of wet bathroom tiles, though, getting carried away could mean a potential accident…

If you want to take your sesh to the next level, we recommend inviting a dildo or a vibrator with a suction cup to your party for one. Stick your chosen toy to a wall and back onto it – before you know it, you’re doing standing doggy-style all by yourself. Woof!

Position 2: Squatting

This one requires thigh and calf muscles of steel, and if you don’t have them to start off with, you’ll soon build up muscle mass.

It might be tricky and tiring at first, so hold on to a table or rest a hand against a wall to avoid tipping over. Again, a toy with a suction cup is your best friend for this position. Attach the dildo to the floor, and then lower yourself onto it. From here, you’ll be able to bounce up and down to your heart’s content – or at least until your legs give up!

Amp up the pleasure by watching yourself ride the dildo in a well-placed mirror. It’s like seeing someone else enjoy themselves whilst simultaneously experiencing the exact same level of arousal and pleasure. Your very own sexy flick!

Position for masturbating. White female body squatting over a pink dildo.

Position 3: Kneeling

Kneeling is much easier than squatting, but it can be hard on your knees. Prepare your area by laying a thick duvet on the floor, or even better, pile up a mountain of pillows on the bed and straddle it. From here, you can hump the pillows or stroke yourself with fingers or a clitoral vibrator. Many youngsters learn to orgasm this way, and perhaps you did too? It’ll be like going back to basics.

For next-level masturbation in the kneeling position, add a Ruby Glow ride-on vibe to your pillow mountain. Ruby Glow is a unique, non-penetrative massager that stimulates your clitoris, vulva and vaginal opening for ultimate ride-on pleasure. It features two motors, each with 10 powerful functions to discover and enjoy. Using a Ruby Glow leaves your hands free to explore elsewhere, like playing with your breast and nipples for a double whammy of pleasure!

Positions for masturbations: kneeling. A women is kneeling on a pillow, with a hand in-between her legs.


Position 4: Sitting

A sitting position is great for masturbation, and it gives you so many options. You can lean back against a comfy armchair or sofa, against the headboard of your bed, or against a wall if you prefer sitting on the floor. You can sit with your legs stretched out or crossed to make the most of your thighs rubbing together. Or, you could try sitting with your legs wide apart for better access.
Bringing your laptop or phone along for the ride means you can watch porn if that floats your pleasure boat. You could choose to watch a favourite clip that’s guaranteed to help you get off or search for something that shows the other person in a similar sitting position to your own. Copy their movements and see how that feels for you.

Position 5: Laying down

Laying down is probably one of the most popular positions for a ménage à moi. You can lay on your front with your hand or a vibrator tucked under you. Or, you can lay on your side with one leg lifted for easy stroking and rubbing.

Lying on your back is a good one. Stretch out your legs and flex your feet, or try lifting up your legs and keeping your knees wide apart. You could even try hooking your feet behind your ears!

Position for masturbation. Women with ginger hair is kayinb on a bed, Her hips are lifted and her hand is under her.