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Win a shush ligfe course. three green christmas baubles. Bauble 1: a vulva. Bauble 2: a banana. Bauble 3: a fire

Win a Shush Life course for someone special!

Win the perfect Christmas gift! A Shush Life course is the perfect gift for a good friend across the miles. There is no need to waste time queuing up in a hot post office to post a parcel that won’t arrive on time… Instead, the gift will land directly in

lesbian sex dream: Pink background. A brownskinned woman with short black hair is standing with her arms above her head. A white-skinned woman with short brown hair is standing behind her. She is wearing a black strap-on.

I’m straight but have lesbian sex dreams: What does it mean?

According to one survey, 48% of participants experience sex dreams. We think the number is far higher since we don’t always remember what we dream about. For straight women, lesbian sex dreams are common, even if the dreamer hasn’t ever fancied herself in a relationship with another woman. Lesbian sex

Light My Fire: orange circle with fire inside

Light My Fire – Brand New Course for Couples!

Come on baby; Light My Fire! We’ve been working on this for a while, and we’re so excited we can finally share the news with you: Our brand new online course Light My Fire is here! First and foremost, Light My Fire is designed for peeps who want to flirt,

Pink background. A naked, white person wearing a black collar is crawling on all fours. A brown woman werain a black basque and stockings and holdinga red crop is riding on him.

Sexual Fantasies: Should You Tell All?

Sexual fantasies – everyone has them. Some fantasies are sweet and romantic; others are hot, wet and juicy. The latter ones are our faves, obvs! Fantasies are often based on previous sexual encounters or something we’ve seen and would like to experience for ourselves. Sharing a sexy fantasy with your

Brown woman, waist hips and curves. Vulva.

Vaginal Health: Is There Something Fishy Going On?

Vaginal steaming hit the headlines recently, with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chrissy Teigen giving their vaginas what is essentially a hot facial for the vulva. This is all in the name of vaginal health, but we’re not buying what these gals are selling. The vagina is designed to keep

Pale pink handcuffs on pale yellow background

I Don’t Like Vibrators – Are There Other Toys To Try?

We are huge fans of vibrations, but we have many customers who aren’t into buzzing toys. For some, vibrations feel “weird” or just doesn’t get them off. We have one lovely customer for whom toys don’t do the job at all (vibrating or not). We spent an afternoon tape-measuring every

light pink background, Blacjk and grey mobile phopne with an email notification icon

Rekindling Intimacy after Hysterectomy

We receive so many emails from customers looking for advice. We’ll share some of these questions with you (anonymously, of course), as we know there will be so many more readers who will benefit from the answers and know that they are not alone. Below is an email from a