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Becoming Orgasmic

Discover a variety of ways of experiencing pleasure. Be inspired, learn about erogenous zones and explore your orgasm potential. This course encourages self-love and equips you with skills for building satisfying sexual experiences, solo or with a partner.

Illustration of a yellow banana with pink and purple hundreds & thousand toppings. Brigt pink circle background. The image is suggestive of a penis.

Mindblowing BJ’s

Full of practical advice and tips for giving mind-blowing pleasure, this course is playful whilst still providing insight and information. Learn about the fine art of fellatio, including how to confidently handle hot-spots and sticky moments.


Light My Fire

This course helps build sexual confidence, improves communication in and out of bed, and sparks an appetite for new adventures. Perfect for couples looking to rediscover pleasure or spice up playtime.

The sex education you wished you'd had!

Our online sex courses are created to empower and inspire you!  Each course is an online version of the classes we gave in-store at Sh!, the award-winning women’s sex shop. Being online and accessible forever means you can get the sex education you wished you’d had anytime, where-ever you are in your life’s journey and where-ever you are in the world!

We’ve kicked off with our 3 most popular courses; our Orgasm course teaches how to have better, more reliable female-bodied orgasms, our blow-job oral sex course teaches how to confidently and expertly go down on the penis(s) in your life and our spice up sex life course teaches seduction techniques, whether you’re looking to really light the fire in your dating life or re-alight passion in a long-term relationship…

ShushLife is an all-female team of sexuality experts