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Becoming Orgasmic

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For women and vulva-owners who want to learn more about their potential for incredible pleasure, this course is designed to encourage self-pleasure and exploration, and will help you gain a better understanding of how your body works. These skills are essential for building great sexual experiences, with or without a partner.

Becoming Orgasmic consists of 7 sessions, covering everything from anatomy, to masturbation techniques, to squirting, and what to expect from it. You will learn about desire, arousal, and the importance of keeping your mind connected to the task at hand (so to speak), for your orgasm to reveal itself.

To help you discover pleasure in new ways, there is thrilling homework to complete in between each session.

Make the most of your fun and sensual coursework by investing in a Pleasure Bundle, a box with cherry-picked goodies to help you finish on a high!


5 Features

  • Loving Your Vulva & Vagina
  • Finding Your Fantasy
  • Understanding Arousal & Desire
  • Good Vibes for Good Times
  • Different Types of Orgasms

5 Benefits

  • Knowledge Is Power – Getting To Know Yourself
  • Builds Sexual Confidence Solo & With Partner
  • Improves Understanding Of Self-Pleasuring
  • Discover Different Ways of Experiencing Pleasure
  • Learn how to build better orgasms

Homework Kits

Kit 1

£ 45

(Save £10)

Kit 2

£ 75

(Save £19.50)

Kit 3

£ 199

(Save £34)

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Grace Dooley Grace Dooley
Posted 4 months ago
Excellently thorough

This course was fantastic. Evie was charming, informative and warm. The course covered all of the important anatomy knowledge as well as recommending toys for people at all stages of their journey. I strongly recommend this to anyone!

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M Vine M Vine
Posted 4 months ago
Reassuring & Relaxed

Evie is delightful and really personable and encouraging. She is SO reassuring and relaxed. Informative too.
The course encouraged me to keep going, trying to find the 'zone.' I really enjoyed it

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Posted 4 months ago

Thank you for your review! xx

Haley McGee Haley McGee
Posted 4 months ago

Evie is such a warm presence and instantly makes you feel welcome and at ease. The course is very informative, kind and so well put together. I HIGHLY recommend.

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Ky Hoyle ChrissyC
Posted 4 months ago
Fantastic! So informative, friendly and 'normalising'

Though I was the only one who finds it tricky to 'tip over the edge' but BO made me feel normal and gave me lots of ways to explore how I can have more orgasms, more regularly. Feeling empowered and positive - I'm going to watch each session again and do the homework inbetween, so I can really learn to love my body and the pleasure it gives me! I maybe sometime... 😉

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Julie Gallagher Jules
Posted 4 months ago

This was amazing, thank you Evie for helping me learn what's right for me. Especially loved the 'name your bits'. Would 110% recommend x

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Posted 4 months ago

We’re so glad you found the course helpful (and what did you name your bits?) xx

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