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This online course is designed for couples who are looking reignight  passion,  fun and chemistry within their relationship. It can also be taken as a confidence-booster course for those re-entering the dating scene.

Over 8 sessions, we’ll guide you through communicating your desires,  building sexual chemistry and creating  your perfect night of passion with a toolbox full of sensual tricks.

Recreate those first heady days when flirting and teasing was par for the course. Learn how to invest in sexual currency and explore fantasies together. Discover playful ways of awakening erogenous zones and engage minds on this journey of sensual exploration. Flirt, sext and speak your way to better sex and more satisfaction!

Light My Fire will spark appetite for new adventures and bring couples closer together.

The course works towards a sextacular date-night. Make the most of it investing in a Pleasure Bundle, a box with cherry-picked goodies to ensure you both finish on a high.

Enrol now! You’ll get instant and lifetime access, so you can start lighting fires straight away and always be able to dip back for refereshers;)

5 Features

  • Upskill Your Flirting & Sexting techniques
  • Sexy Selfies That You’ll Love
  • Your Best Self – The Feelgood Session
  • Pleasure Exchange – Bartering In The Bedroom
  • Sensual Play – The Power of Touch

5 Benefits

  • Builds Sexual Confidence
  • Improves Communication Between Partners
  • Sparks Appetite For Sexy Adventures
  • Learn How to Plan Your Perfect Night Of Passion
  • Tools For Keeping Keeping The Flame Burning

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Abigail Haworth VerityH
Posted 5 months ago
So many great tips!

Really enjoyed this, thank you! So many great ideas and tips. Evie is so easy to watch and listen to, and I learned so much about different techniques and new toys to try. This course has definitely inspired me to be more adventurous, can't recommend it enough.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!