How to Choose a Lube

Lube - a blue pump bottle with a drizzle dripping out

There is a misogynistic myth about lube floating around; something about “old women” and “dry vaginas.” It must have been invented by someone who doesn’t understand how bodies and pleasure works.

There is no shame in needing or wanting lube for a sesh. For pleasureful sex, you need lube. It’s as simple as that. *Shrug*

Lube is the most liberating bedroom accessory, whether you “need” it or not. If you only ever buy one product from a sex shop, please let it be a bottle of (good) lube. It’s an investment that will completely transform your sex life, we promise!

We are lovers of lush liquids and would love to share some of the benefits with you…

Body-friendly lubricants

Lube is essential for any kind of sex play, especially if you experience vaginal discomfort during penetration. We always recommend water-based lubes as the first choice as they are more body-friendly, especially during vaginal sex. Water-based lubes are water-soluble and rinses off easily.

  • YES WB Lube is intensely hydrating, hypoallergenic and certified organic. This lubricant replenishes natural moisture, protects mucus membranes, and supports healing with a gentle formula that contains aloe vera. YES WB is PH-compatible and won’t disrupt that natural balance of sensitive vaginas. However, YES WB is very thin and runny, so sinks into the vulva and vagina quicker than slicker and thicker lubes. If your vagina is very dry, YES WB may not be the best option for you.
  • Sh! Pure Lube isn’t organic, but it is free from parabens (preservatives). Sh! Pure is a clear, slick lube and lasts longer than YES WB. This lube is odour and flavour-free and won’t leave a sticky residue. Neither gloopy nor runny, Sh! Pure is the perfect lube for many sexy situations, like masturbation, toy play and vaginal intercourse. 
  • Sh! Pure Plus Lube is paraben-free and extra thick. The thickness is reminiscent of hair gel and creates a “padded” layer of moisture between the delicate vaginal or anal membranes and fingers, toys or penis. We recommend Sh! Pure Plus for anyone who feels their vagina is extra dry, to the point of discomfort. This lube is perfect for anal play, as it is so thick and long-lasting. 

Top tip: Is the water-based lube beginning to dry out on your genitals? Reactivate the formula with a drop of saliva or a light mist of water!

When water-based lubricants aren’t enough

If water-based lubricants aren’t quite enough to keep you nicely moist, you might like to try silicone-based lube. Silicone-based lubes are long-lasting and super-slick – perfect for when extra wetness is needed. Often the preferred type of lube for anal sex and shower & bath sex, silicone-based lubes aren’t water-soluble and don’t evaporate. This type of lube will stay super-slippy until it’s washed off. 

  • ID Millenium lube feels oily; a few drops go a long, long way. It feels a little like light baby oil, except it’s safe to use with condoms. (Btw, baby oil should never be used for sex.)
  • Pjur Woman is a premium silicone lube specially developed for sensitive vaginal tissue. Pjur Woman contains no perfume, added flavours or preservatives.

The downside to silicone lube is that it needs to be washed off with soap & water. Of course, soap isn’t good for the vagina – but if you don’t wash the silicone-based lube off, it will cling to the vaginal membranes where it traps bacteria. This creates a build-up, and you will likely end up with a vaginal infection… Catch 22.

With this in mind, you might want to save silicone-based lube for those times you really need it.

What are hybrid lubes?

Hybrid lubes are a great middle-ground: Water-based lube with a few % of silicone in it! Hybrid lubes feel creamy and luxurious to use. Gliding on like water-based lube but with a longer staying power. They are water-soluble, so more body-friendly than silicone lubes.

  • Sh! Lube Liquid has a non-greasy formula and a light, liquid texture that will make you feel wet – and stay wet! Sh! Liquid does have a slightly bitter aftertaste, so not great for oral sex but otherwise is a great all-around option. Also, this lube doubles as an excellent hand cream 🙂

My vagina is so dry, I bleed after sex

We often hear this, and we always give the same answer: Any bleeding after sex needs to be evaluated by a medical professional.

If your vagina has been checked out and is in good health bar dryness (due to menopause, for example), a vaginal moisturiser can be helpful for everyday comfort. A vaginal moisturiser is different from a lube. A good lube is still needed for sex, but the moisturiser will help keep brittle membranes moist and less likely to tear. 

YES VM is an organic, hypoallergenic gel to help alleviate vaginal dryness and atrophy. The formula is PH-balanced, without fragrance, colour, taste or residue. The gel contains no parabens, hormones, glycerine or known skin irritants. 

This gel is iso-topic, meaning that it “knows” when the vagina is feeling dry and irritated. You apply a dab of gel with your finger or an applicator into the vagina. Over the next 3 days, the iso-topic gel lubricates the vagina as and when it needs it. Using YES VM regularly helps alleviate vaginal irritation, itching and burning. 

We hope this helps – enjoy discovering your favourite lube! xx