I Don’t Like Vibrators – Are There Other Toys To Try?

Pale pink handcuffs on pale yellow background

We are huge fans of vibrations, but we have many customers who aren’t into buzzing toys. For some, vibrations feel “weird” or just doesn’t get them off.

We have one lovely customer for whom toys don’t do the job at all (vibrating or not). We spent an afternoon tape-measuring every dildo in the shop, but none measured up to her favourite carrot. We had to give up and admit failure in the end; there was just no sex toy that fulfilled her exacting requirements. But – this is unusual. Unless you have a deep love of root vegetables delivering your orgasms, there are lots of toys to try!

Sex toys for nipples

Nipples are erogenous zones and you can have lots of fun playing with yours (or someone else’s!). We are fans of the soft nipple suckers, which lets you play hands-free. They are easy to attach and deliver gentle stimulation.

If you like your pleasure more intense, there are nipple clamps. These clips onto your nipples (or just behind) and offer a delicious pinching sensation. By choosing clamps with adjustable pressure, you can explore levels of intensity until you find the pinch that just about makes your head explode with sensations!

Dildos for internal pleasure

Dildos are sex toys designed for penetrative pleasures. Dildos can be made from various materials, and we’ll cover the most popular below. 

Silicone dildos are firm but flexible and great for hand-held and strap-on play. Silicone is a velvety-feeling material that quickly warms up to body temperature. The size and shape of your perfect dildo depend on what kind of sensations you want to enjoy. A silicone dildo with soft ribs up and down the shaft offers extra stimulation when stroked in and out. A dildo with a bulbous head is perfect for G-spot stimulation. A short, girthy dildo is fantastic for fulfilling sensations without depth…

Choosing a suction cup dildo offers you the freedom to attach it to any flat surface and ride it hands-free. This is an excellent option if you like variety in your play. Think about what kind of stimulation you enjoy best, and choose a dildo that will add to your pleasure.

Position for masturbating. White female body squatting over a pink dildo.

Glass dildos are beautiful to look at and utterly sensual to play with. They can be left to cool in a fridge for 20 minutes or warmed up under running water to add temperature play to your pleasure repertoire. We recommend choosing a dildo with a gentle curve if you’re new to sex toys made of glass. The firmness of glass is an acquired taste, and a curved sex toy will feel more comfortable for your vagina.

Also, a note on safety. Many peeps worry about glass dildos shattering during use. Rest assured, glass dildos are solid pyrex, like an oven dish. Your vagina is magical – but it can’t break solid glass! 

Steel dildos are shiny and weighty, a true pleasure if you enjoy G-spot stimulation. Many women & vulva-owners who squirt regularly rely on their steel dildos to bring forth that beautiful fountain of fluid. We can’t promise this will happen for you, of course, but if squirting is something you enjoy already or you are interested in experiencing, it’s well worth experimenting with the pressure and weight of a steel dildo. Like glass dildos, steel sex toys are usually dual-ended. This gives you more to explore – more scope for pleasure!

Anal sex toys

The anus is an erogenous zone rich in nerve endings. Anal play isn’t to everyone’s taste, but if you want to try it, there are so many fun products to choose from! Before dipping into anal fun, though, make sure you stock up on anal lube and pick toys that are safe for bum fun. Anal toys have been designed with a flared base or handle to stop them from being sucked up into the rectum. The best advice we can give you about sex toys and anal sex is: NEVER use toys that aren’t safe for anal play. It’ll end badly. Trust us on this.

Butt plugs and anal beads are the most popular anal sex toys. They offer feelings of fullness and can be wiggled around to create erotic sensations. Depending on the shape, anal sex toys can tease the prostate to climax if used on a man or penis-owning person.

Sex toys for kink and BDSM

Toys don’t have to be for the genitals to be fun. They can be for other parts of the body too.

“Sex toy” can mean a variety of things (see the carrot above!) – they don’t have to vibrate and they don’t have to be for your genitals. You can play with a variety of household objects, for example. Try stroking a fork along your partner’s scalp, or use a soft leather glove to spank their butt cheeks… Your imagination is the only limit xx