I’m straight but have lesbian sex dreams: What does it mean?

lesbian sex dream: Pink background. A brownskinned woman with short black hair is standing with her arms above her head. A white-skinned woman with short brown hair is standing behind her. She is wearing a black strap-on.

According to one survey, 48% of participants experience sex dreams. We think the number is far higher since we don’t always remember what we dream about. For straight women, lesbian sex dreams are common, even if the dreamer hasn’t ever fancied herself in a relationship with another woman.

Lesbian sex dreams

Sex dreams can involve pretty much anyone but can feel unsettling if you wake up from a super-hot dream about someone you know.

It’s apparently more common to dream of folks that you’re not in a relationship with. It’s been suggested that this is because your partner is more readily available for sex. A female friend or boss is more of forbidden fruit and “naughty.” The other side of the same coin: Lesbian women can find themselves equally surprised to have sex dreams involving men, or straight women. Sex dreams about people we don’t fancy IRL are perfectly normal and happen to most of us.

We say: Don’t worry about having sex dreams about your gal-pal; they’ve probably had a juicy dream about you too!

Am I a lesbian if I dream of sex with other women?

Our brains have a way of weaving things we’ve seen, heard or experienced into dreams. It makes sense that a lesbian scene plays out in your brain during sleep if you’ve watched lesbian porn, for example. Our personal experience is that we often dream about things that have been on our minds during waking hours. So, lesbian sex dreams can be subconscious erotic fantasies if this is something that intrigues you. Or, maybe your brain just wants to give you a juicy treat!

Analysing erotic dreams

What do you remember from your erotic dream? Who was she, and how did you end up rolling around together? Was there a scenario, or did your brain skip straight to sex? (Nothing wrong with that!) What were the really sexy parts of your dream? (Your sex dreams can become excellent masturbation material!) How did you feel during the sex; did you enjoy it? Is it something you’d like to experience in real life?

What are sleepgasms?

Did you know that it’s possible to orgasm during sex dreams? Sleepgasms tends to wake you up mid-wave, which sounds fun but is actually a bit meh in our experience. First, you’re having a dreamy time (pun intended!), then you wake up mid-orgasm but need a few seconds to realise what’s happening. Once you’re awake, the orgasm is over, and you’re left with a confused fanny… It’s like you missed out on all the delicious sensations of sex and went straight over the finishing line. Anyway, we digress.

Am I becoming bi-curious?

An erotic dream on its own isn’t going to change your sexuality. If you are happy on the straight and narrow, just accept your sexy dream for what it is. It doesn’t have to mean anything other than your brain wanting to spice it up while you are sleeping.

A sex dream can, however, help give you a friendly nudge if you are interested in exploring your sexuality further. If you think this might be the case, events like Mint can help you meet like-minded women. Best of luck, and get in touch if you gave more questions! xx