Light My Fire – Brand New Course for Couples!

Light My Fire: orange circle with fire inside

Come on baby; Light My Fire!

We’ve been working on this for a while, and we’re so excited we can finally share the news with you: Our brand new online course Light My Fire is here!

First and foremost, Light My Fire is designed for peeps who want to flirt, play and turn each other on. If you and your boo want to reignite passion and subsequently find your way back to spicy sex, Light My Fire is for you. After all, couples who play together stay together!

Obviously, any new relationship fizzes with NRE (new relationship energy). Colours are sharper, food tastes better, sex is fantastic – life is great! Without a doubt, libidos are set to boiling at this point. There is no time limit for this exciting phase, but studies suggest new couples can enjoy 1-2 years of this incredible high. If you’ve ever experienced it, you know what we’re talking about. *fans self* It’s super-hot!

Even so, it’s exhausting to keep these fires burning. Eventually, one of you will choose zzzzz’s over sweaty romps… Quelle horreur! Once you’re at this point (which is perfectly normal), sex takes a backseat in favour of other activities. Luckily, Light My Fire will definitely equip you with enough skills to set your best Egyptian cotton sheets alight again! (Not literally, babes – we’re being figurative.)

Like all Shush Life courses, this one is chock-full of good advice and sexy tips & tricks to try out. Consisting of eight pre-recorded sessions presented by our wonderful sex educator Evie Fehilly, Light My Fire is informational, warm & witty.

“Evie is delightful and really personable and encouraging. She is SO reassuring and relaxed. Informative too.”


Confidence & Pleasure-Boosting Sessions

Light My Fire is made up of bite-size, confidence-boosting sessions with optional homework in between. The aim of the course is to equip you with the necessary skills for creating hot, intimate moments to look forward to. In particular, you’ll learn how to communicate desires, create sexual chemistry and build a toolbox full of sensual tricks. These are all fundamental tools for building a satisfying and long-lasting sex life together.

Watch the pre-recorded sessions on your own if you fancy surprising bae with some sexy new moves. Or, watch it together to spark a frisson from the moment you hit play…

  1. Building Excitement – this session teaches you how to invest in sexual currency
  2. Flirting and Sexting – practice flirting & teasing to tempt your partner
  3. The Best Version of You – figure out what makes you feel like the best version of you
  4. Sexy Selfies – spice up your relationship with a series of sensual or suggestive selfies
  5. Pleasure Exchange – bartering and negotiating for more of what turns you on
  6. Get the Juices Flowing – plan a date night that gets you both fizzing with excitement
  7. Turn Up the Heat – discover playful ways of awakening erogenous zones
  8. Intimate Touch – last but not least, enjoy intimacy and spark an appetite for more

Light mY Fire: woman with long read hair is taking a selfie with a purple phone. She is wearing b lack shorts and a black vest. She's lifting the vest to show more skin.

Light My Fire: Single and Ready to Mingle?

Are you freshly single? Getting in between the sheets with a new partner or after a long sex break can undoubtedly be stressful and it’s understandable if you’re feeling out of your depth. The waters of dating sites like Tinder can be murky indeed!

Flirting, sexting and choosing undies for what you have in mind are all necessary skills for dating in 2021. Fortunately, the eight sessions of Light My Fire will not only help boost your sexual confidence but also help create the best version of you.  After taking this course, you will, without a doubt, feel confident about dipping your toes into the dating pool again.

Homework for Fun & Pleasure

In addition to the great sessions, we’ve designed homework to ensure you get the most out of your course. The homework is definitely sexy and creative, and we promise you won’t get marked on your efforts!

We have three sex toy kits designed to work perfectly along with the homework:

  • A small but cherry-picked selection of sensual products to explore together – Kit 1
  • Upgrade your pleasure options and ensure every body part is covered – Kit 2
  • Overflowing with fantastically fun goodies – Kit 3

Are you ready to flirt, sext and speak your way to better sex and more satisfaction? Enrol to Light My Fire today!