Masturbation Month: Celebrate the Right to a Happy Ending

Happy Masturbation Month!

May is known as the month of self-love, and we’ll be sharing our best tricks for self-pleasure over the next four weeks. Despite being regular and well-practised pearl-polishers, we’re always keen on learning new tips and we’d love to hear about your favourite techniques. Tag us in your best tips @Shushlife (Twitter) and (Instagram) and we’ll share the best or most inventive ones!

What is Masturbation Month?

Masturbation May is a month-long event celebrating and protecting the right to masturbate. The inception of this sex-positive movement was May 7 1995, after US sex toy store Good Vibrations declared a special day in honour of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders.

In 1994, Elders advised that masturbation should be included in the sex education curriculum for US students. Rather than support this forward-thinking paediatrician and public health administrator, President Bill Clinton (not such a Shy Susan when it came to his own sexual shenanigans) promptly fired her. International Masturbation Day has since grown to include the entire month of May as International Masturbation Month.

Is masturbation normal?

Customers often ask us what’s “normal” when it comes to masturbation. How much is too much? How long should it last? Does everyone masturbate?

Unless you’re hurting yourself or it interferes with your daily life, you’re not masturbating too much. Some people masturbate more in times of stress; others stop completely and only pick it up again when they feel more balanced. Both are perfectly normal. Some folks like to masturbate to orgasm every night as it helps them sleep. Others might masturbate only when they’re bored or feel extra frisky. Some peeps masturbate only when they’re single or apart from their partner, others masturbate alongside partnered sex. A third group like to masturbate together with their partners. There are no masturbation rules, only what feels right for you.

A sesh can last for as long as you want it to. Maybe you like a quick flick, or perhaps you want a long evening of self-love. It also depends on whether you’re masturbating to orgasm, in which case it might take longer. Not everyone wants to orgasm every time, sometimes it’s just nice to have a li’l fondle.

Not everyone masturbates or masturbates regularly. Reasons for not masturbating can be practical, like lacking privacy or time. Or it can be because of internalised taboos, which is common when someone has been brought with strict religious beliefs. Not exploring or enjoying masturbation can also have its roots in past experience, if genitals and sex are associated with trauma.

We frequently meet customers (mainly women) who simply don’t know how to touch themselves. Until masturbation is taught as part of the sex-ed curriculum, we’ll continue to share our bean-flicking wisdom in courses like Becoming Orgasmic.

Schedule in time for masturbation

Taking the time to explore yourself and your turn-ons is the best way to future-proof your sex life. Figuring out hot-spots and how certain moves work better than others is a crucial step in your personal pleasure journey.

Masturbation is the surest way of learning how to orgasm, especially for vulva-owners. Getting to know your body makes all sex better. Having regular orgasms is great for both physical and mental well-being. Orgasms can improve your mood, relieve stress, and boost immunity. Once you’ve learned how to read body, you can recreate your happy ending over and over!

If you live a busy life (you probably do!), our first tip for masturbation month is to schedule in some me-time. Block out an hour in your calendar, switch off your phone and grab a bottle of lube. Spend the hour stroking and petting your kitty. Let your mind wander freely, building a personal fantasy. If you feel like you want to orgasm, go for it – but if not, just relax into the time spent exploring your pleasure.

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