Masturbation Tips: Top 10 Ideas For Boosting Self-Pleasure

Hand of WoC stroking pink and light pink labia lips

Many of us use masturbation as a way of getting to sleep or releasing tension after a stressful day, but do you ever take the time to put your pleasure first? May is the international month of masturbation (it’s true, it’s in the calendar), an excellent opportunity to take some time to explore self-pleasure and what that means for you. We have compiled a list of our top 10 masturbation tips for boosting orgasms during self-love sessions.

1. Lube

Lube, baby! Your best bedmate and play partner, a bottle of lube should be a staple in your self-love sessions. You might be plenty wet as it is, or maybe you’ve heard lube is only for those who are drier than a leaf in October but bear with us. Lube adds to your sexual experience. It brings sensuality, glide and even heat (especially if you’re using a warming lube)!

It doesn’t matter if your natural juices are plentiful; a little bit extra never goes amiss. Adding a drop or two of water-based lube to your clitoris and vulva can take your sesh from hot to hot.

Just a quick note about the old myth about lube only being used by women with dry vaginas. A dry vagina is problematic for many reasons, like causing painful sex, but it’s not shameful. It happens to most of us at some point. It can be down to tiredness, dehydration or medication. Lube is essential for dry moments, but it’s sexy and super-great for wet moments too.

2. Pelvic Floor

Our second great masturbation tip is getting your pelvic floor engaged while jilling off. Rock and roll your hips in rhythm with your finger-strokes on the clitoris. Squeezing and releasing your pelvic floor rhythmically heightens arousal and intensifies orgasms.

3. Breathing

This seems obvious, but there’s more to it than just your regular in and out. Many women breathe shallowly or even hold their breath when they’re turned on, but did you know you might be putting a clit-block on your climax this way? Breathing slowly and deeply into the pit of your stomach can super-charge your orgasmic contractions.

4. Positions for masturbation 

Do you have a favourite position when you’re fanning the fur? Many of our customers like humping, I.E. kneeling over something (like a mountain of pillows) and grinding. This makes a lot of sense; you get lots of clitoral stimulation, and you have the freedom to move in all the ways that feel best for you. Some like to sit with their legs straight out, and others prefer to lie on their backs with their knees spread wide apart.

The most important tip is that the position you choose tightens your pelvic floor and thigh muscles. Tension in your nether regions helps bring on an orgasm.

5. Clit Clock

Think of your clitoris as a clock with 12 at the top and 6 at the bottom. Touch and stroke each “time” and pay close attention to how sensations change as you move around the clitoris. You’ll find that one time feels better than the others – this is your Happy Hour on the Clit Clock. Spend time teasing and building arousal by playing with the vulva and clitoris, but hone in on your Happy Hour when you’re getting ready to pop your cork.

6. Tip-Tap the U-spot

Tip-tapping your lubed-up fingertips over the urethra is a fun way of playing with your U-spot. Start off with one fingertip and build up in pressure and intensity as blood and arousal floods the area. We know some women like to play with this area when their bladder is full, as it adds sensation. Others, like us, prefer to play on an empty bladder as we find it difficult to focus on having an orgasm if we need to pee… *crosses legs* 

7. Slip-Slide

Slip-sliding two lubed-up fingers in between your inner and outer labia is a sensual way of waking up a sleepy muff. Fashion your fingers into a V-sign, add a generous amount of your favourite lube, then stroke back & forth along the length of the labia lips. This helps draw blood to the vulva and the internal clitoris. The fuller the internal clitoris, the more turned on you’ll feel, so this is an excellent tip if your libido is set to low.

8. Pressure

Playing with pressure is another great masturbation tip. Try feather-light strokes on the tip of the clitoris, then press deeper for more focused stimulation.

9. Masturbate with a sex toy

A good sex toy can help amp up your self-pleasure sessions by about 100%. Manual masturbation is great fun but can be both time-consuming and tiring (let’s be honest, sometimes we just want to get off!). A vibrator or a dildo is a pleasure tool that adds oomph and pleasure to any sex play.

Choosing your first sex toy can be tricky and overwhelming, but we have this handy guide for you: Buying your first sex toy. We recommend starting small as a toy that’s too big won’t be pleasurable to play with.

10. Edging

We’re huge fans of edging and recommend giving this a go when you have a bit of extra time to play. Edging is a way of building heat by starting and stopping the stimulation. You can edge yourself with fingers or a toy; it doesn’t really matter as it’s the technique that creates fireworks. Here’s how to do it:

  • Bring yourself close to orgasm
  • Cease stimulation and simmer down
  • Bring yourself close to orgasm again
  • Stop playing until you feel in control again
  • Bring yourself close to orgasm for the third time
  • Carry on for as long as you can stand it before letting yourself tip over into an intense, toe-curling orgasm