Mutual Masturbation – Finger Fun for Two!

No doubt about it, mutual masturbation is super-hot fun for two. You get to be the voyeur and the show-off – at the same time!

Watching a partner buff their muff or handle their horn is sexy, and it teaches you so much. Like, hand positions, rhythm, speed, and any little quirks that are specific to them… And at the same time, they get to learn all this about you too – it’s a win-win situation!

Mutual masturbation is great if you usually don’t orgasm during sex. Doing it for yourself allows you to touch yourself in all the right ways, and it also opens up a wider playing field for future sessions. Once you’re comfortable with touching yourself in front of your partner, finger cha-cha is easily incorporated into the kind of play you usually enjoy together.

How do we start?

If one or both of you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, starting out by lying next to each other is the first step. Rather than looking directly at each other’s eyes and genitals, you get to take sneak peeks. This way, you each get to relax and enjoy the other’s breathing; sighs and moans become aural erotica, just for you.

As your confidence and arousal grow, it’ll be easier to show off and let them take a good look at your handiwork. Focus on your partner rather than yourself, and you might find you forget about feeling shy. Watching a partner bring themselves close to orgasm is one of the hottest things we know, and the be honest, it would be difficult to not touch ourselves at the same time!

If you’re curious and turned on and ready to get stuck in, we recommend doing just that: Get to it! Keep the lights on, watch each other, or watch your favourite porn together for an added frisson… Make the most of it and show off all your fanciest moves.

Can I use toys during mutual masturbation?

If you want to, absolutely. There’s no reason why not – in fact, using sex toys can make sensations hotter for you and viewing hotter for your partner. Again, a win-win! If you usually use toys there’s no reason why you couldn’t use them during a 5-finger shuffle with a lover.

Letting your partner watch you using toys is a great way of teaching them how to best use them on you next time you get them out. It’s all good learning for more pleasure!

Mutual masturbation duelling

For extra fun, challenging each other to see who can last the longest is a good game. You could start off with just fingers, then challenge each other to include favourite toys to up the orgasmic ante. Drag out your own orgasm for as long as you possibly can while putting on a hot show to turn your partner into a quivering wreck. May the best mastubator win!

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