Period Sex: Surfing the Crimson Wave

Period sex. Just the thought of it may be enough for some of you to feel queasy and grossed out. If period sex is not for you, fair dues, but there is nothing wrong with having sex on your period if you feel up for it. Many women find they get hornier and feel more aroused just before or during their period. Some even find it easier to orgasm, so it’s worth trying it at least once. 

We know a fair few guys who love ‘red sex’ and revel in periods. Affectionately known as “bloodhounds” they find menstruating incredibly sexy. No amount of gushing will put these men off – quite the opposite! There may be women who love periods just as much as male bloodhounds, but we don’t know of any (yet – always happy to make new acquaintances!).

One of the UK’s leading feminine protection brands, Bodyform, conducted a period sex survey. They found that 70% of women don’t have period sex because it’s too messy – so not because they don’t fancy it or it isn’t pleasurable; the clean-up puts many off. Seems Mrs. Hinch has missed a trick!

Menstrual blood is a combination of cervical mucus, bacteria, vaginal fluids, endometrium (the tissue that covers the inside of the uterus), and blood. It might sound off-putting, but we have a few handy tips for surfing the crimson wave. 

Practical tips for period sex

  • Make sure to remove your tampon or period cup. Failure to remove a tampon may end up in a trip to A&E where staff is not amused by having to fish soaked, sour-smelling tampons out of orifices (they’re used to blood, so that’s less of an issue). It’s an emergency that can so easily be avoided.
  • Put down a dark towel or blanket on the bed. If you are a light bleeder, there may not be any leakage to worry about. If you’re a heavy bleeder, on the other hand, chances are that your sheets will be bloodied during your romp.
  • Another good idea is having some wet wipes handy in case an unexpected gush needs wiping away.
  • Having sex in the shower takes care of lots of issues. The blood simply washes away, and no one needs to waste time thinking about ruined bedding.
  • Condoms help protect against unwanted pregnancies. It’s less likely you’ll fall pregnant during your period, but not impossible.
  • Condoms also help protect against sexually transmitted infections like HIV and hepatitis. These viruses live in blood and can spread through contact with infected menstrual blood. Using condoms during period sex will reduce the risk of spreading or catching an STI.

Benefits of having sex on your period

If you don’t mind the clean-up, period sex can be helpful.

  • Orgasms can help relieve cramps. Period cramps are a result of the uterus contracting to shed its lining. During an orgasm, the uterus also contracts but then releases, which should help bring some relief.
  • Orgasm and great sex trigger the release of endorphins, which is a feel-good hormone and natural painkiller. This means that having sex can help shift a stubborn headache!
  • We’ve heard that having orgasms help push out the contents of the uterus faster, thus shortening the length of a period. We’re not sure how true this is, but it’s definitely worth trying out! 
  • Blood is a natural lubricant, so if you’re feeling dry or are out of lube, this helps.

Soft tampons for mess-free sex

If you feel a bit ambivalent about having sex when you’re on, or you really don’t fancy the extra laundry, we recommend soft tampons. Soft tampons are different from regular tampons. They have been dermatologically and clinically tested, they have skin compatibility, and they’re free of toxins and chemicals. Soft sponge tampons are designed for occasional wear, like during sex (including penetration). You pop one in before play starts, and take it out and dispose of it once you’ve had your fill of pleasure…