Spice Up Sex: 5 Fun Ideas for Couples

A white blindfolded and tied up man laying on a pink blanket. A brown qoman with long brown hair and a red thoing is sitting on top of him.

If your partner said they wanted to spice up sex, how would you react? Would you jump for joy (and jump on them!) or would you wonder if they feel the kind of sex you’re having isn’t exciting enough?

Spicing up sex means different things to different people. It could mean using feathers to tickle the soles of feet, or it could mean booking 24 hours in a dungeon hotel, or it could mean buying tickets to a swingers resort… It depends on how you communicate and play as a couple and what kind of sex you both like.

The tips below don’t require lots of prep but still deliver maximum pleasure. Read on for some fun tips for spicing up sex.

  • Spice Up Sex With Temperature Play

Playing with temperatures during sex is an easy way of spicing things up. This first tip is one of our absolute favorites, and if you love hands-on play and massages, you’ll love it too! 

Massage candles can turn a dull evening into a magical night for lovers in mere minutes. 

Ensure the room is warm, and prepare the area by putting down sheets or a couple of old towels. Light the massage candle and let it burn for a short while. The candle wax melts into sensual massage oil, and the aim is to collect enough melted wax for an all-over massage.

Once you have enough oil, blow out the candle and slowly drip some of the warm oil into your hands or directly onto their naked skin. Massage candles burn at a lower temperature than standard household candles, so no need to worry about burning delicate skin. Slowly massage your way around their body, keeping one hand on their skin at all times, creating a deliciously erotic experience for you both.

  • Spice Up Sex with Role Play

Roleplay can be both fun and sexy and should always be done with a twinkle in your eye. Booking a date night and choosing a theme together is great fun. Popular themes are doctor & nurse, or teacher and naughty student. Or, you could surprise your partner by dressing up as French Maid, a Drill Sergeant, or a Dominatrix – whatever tickles your pickle!

Props add to the experience, and you probably have bits & pieces lying around at home. An egg fryer becomes a useful spanker for a Dominatrix, notepad & pen are must-haves for a secretary, and a cheeky feather duster is essential for a sexy maid…

Spice up roleplay sex by speaking with an accent, bending over, tempting & teasing – step out of your day-to-day and step into a world where anything is possible! 

  • Vibrator Thrills for Couples

Vibrators are no longer noisy, cumbersome tools that shake the dust off the shelves each time you plug them in. Nowadays, vibes are small and discreet and can even be used when out and about in public.

Remote control vibes are hugely popular with couples and with good reason. Being at the mercy of your partner-in-pleasure can be a knee-trembling turn-on, just like being in charge of your boo’s orgasm feels powerful…

Playing indoors first gives you time to figure out how both the vibe and the remote control works. You could play in bed or when doing housework (doing chores becomes much more fun!). For couples who live apart, a Bluetooth vibe could be just the thing: One of you has the vibe, and the other controls it via their smartphone – and this works across continents too! 

  • Spice Up Sex with Cuffs

A little bit of kink goes a long way, and we recommend getting a pair of wrist cuffs for your toy box. 

Once you have your captive comfortably and safely cuffed, remind them of their safeword. Safewords are essential for any kind of kinky play, and the chosen word must be honored.

Slapping a pair of cuffs on someone feels kinky and wild, but the spicing-it-up work comes afterward – you need to work out what to do next! You could tease them with oral sex, or nipple play, or maybe masturbate right in front of them – they have no way of getting their hot hands on you, so you can tease them in any way you want.

How about trying edging? Edging is the incredibly sexy act of bringing your lover close to orgasm but then pulling back. And starting again… Keep going for as long as they can stand it before eventually letting them enjoy an explosive orgasm. 

  • Personalized Porn for Couples 

So this one should only be done with someone you trust completely. Or, if you want to do it, but feel unsure if the relationship will last the course, make sure no identifiable features are caught on camera. Password-protecting the file is a good tip to ensure the video won’t end up in the wrong hands. 

You can easily spice up sex by creating your own porn clip using just a mobile phone, or you can go full tech and use a camera and a tripod. You can write a script if you prefer porn with a storyline, or you can just press play and go for it if a planned-out scenario seems like too much hassle. 

Do you want to go for the nude approach, or do you want to wear something you feel sexy in? Do you want to use toys? Have all your props ready, as well as some wet wipes and a towel or two. 

Watching yourselves back is super-hot and will likely inspire round number two!