The A-Spot: How To Find and Stimulate The Anterior Fornix

Pink Glass dildo with a yellow star and an the Word A-spot at its tip

Anterior Fornix, or the A-spot – what is it? And where is it?

If you are a fan of receiving deep penetration, you may already have found your A-spot without knowing it.  

How To Find the Anterior Fornix

Just like the G-spot, the A-spot is, despite its name, not an actual spot. Instead, it is an erogenous zone that responds well to stimulation.

The A-spot is located deep inside the vagina, above the G-spot, and in-between the bladder and the cervix. An estimation would be around 2 inches higher than the G-spot on the front wall of the vagina. But, saying that, all bodies are different, so there may be some variation. Your A-spot may be sitting slightly higher or lower. 

The A-spot doesn’t have a different firmness or texture to the rest of the vagina, but it might feel softer or spongier when you apply pressure to it.

Diagram of female reprodyctive system highglighting the A-spot, the C-spot, the vagina and the bladder.

How To Pleasure the A-Spot 

It’s important to be turned on to the max before going so deep in, so spend time playing in all manner of ways before exploring the A-spot.

Seeing as the A-spot is located so high up in the vagina, you might find that fingers won’t quite reach it. If this is the case, we recommend using a sex toy like a long-ish vibrator or a dildo (at least 5 inches long) for better reach. The Sh! glass dildo with its angled tip is great for internal stimulation. A male-bodied partner with a longer penis (again, at least 5 inches) should also be able to reach the area but may find it tricky to apply the necessary pressure.

Make sure to apply a generous amount of body-friendly lube to fingers/toy/penis and vulva/vagina before slipping inside. This makes play more sensual and ensures it feels nothing but comfortable.

Angle the sex toy so the tip presses into the deep area about 2 inches up from the G-spot. Try massaging with a windscreen-wiper motion rather than thrusting in and out, and give yourself time to explore the sensations.

You’ll probably find that you start lubricating heavily, as A-spot play seems to promote vaginal lubrication (this is excellent if you are naturally on the dry side). Stay with it and keep stimulating the area, and you might just find yourself experiencing deep, intense pleasure…