The Clitoris – The Epicentre of Pleasure

You are probably familiar with the tiny tip of the clit that you can see with the help of a mirror (unless you are exceptionally bendy and can perform a human-pretzel move to take a good look, in which case we salute you!). But – did you know that the clitoris has legs? And bulbs? We didn’t – it’s not something we were taught in school and it took years before we found out… If only we’d know before; sex would have been so much better! 

Let’s look at the clitoris in its entirety. 

The clitoral hood and tip

The hood covers the glans of the clit and keeps it warm, snug, and safe. It looks like a fold of skin that’s connected to the inner lips at the top of the vulva. Some hoods are smaller whilst others are larger, but what they all have in common is that their main job is to protect the sensitive clitoris from friction. 

Believed to have around 8000 sensory nerve-endings sitting atop it, the tip of the clit is by far the most delicate part. Clits come in a variety of sizes, but a bigger clit doesn’t mean better orgasms – it just means it’s easier to find. 

Dusing sexual play, the clitoris likes to play peek-a-boo. It pops out from under its hood, then occasionally pops back in again. This is perfectly normal – it’s just what it does. Stroking and touching on top of the hood is very sensual, so there is no need to stop play if the clit withdraws for a while.


The clitoris has only one job: To give pleasure. That’s all it does. And we’re sure you’ll agree it’s an incredibly important job!

For a body part with only one job, it’s very particular about how it’s treated. It likes gentle touches, soft swirls and rhythmic movements with just the right amount of speed and pressure. Most clitorises dislike direct stimulation – it’s often too much, and can even be painful. It’s far better to approach it from the side, with lubed-up fingers. We often recommend making a sort of peace sign with two fingers, sliding them up and down the sides of the clitoris.

The internal clitoris

The internal clitoris is a fairly recent discovery. It’s been there, of course, hiding away inside until 1998, when Dr Helen O’Connell revealed that the internal clit is shaped like a wishbone. Dr O’Connell’s research showed that the clitoris is actually 10 times bigger than previously thought…

The internal parts play an important role when it comes to pleasure. The internal clitoris has two legs and two bulbs, and is connected to the area known as the G-spot. During arousal, blood flows to the genital area and fills the two bulbs with blood. The filled bulbs, in turn, create a plumping of the labia lips and a narrowing of the outer third of the inner vaginal canal. It’s all connected!

When you understand that the largest part of the clitoris is nestled inside, it opens up a world of possibilities.  The clit can be stimulated in multiple ways from the outside, not just by touching the tip. You can play with the labia lips, or apply pressure over the vulva. The tapping of a finger against the area also stimulates the internal clit in wonderful ways.

Removal of, or damage to, the clitoris

Over the years, we have met many women who have had their clits removed, or damaged by medical procedures. It is still possible to experience sexual pleasure with the help of a positive and curious mindset and the right tools. If this is you, and you’d like more advice, email us at and we’ll do our best to find products that will work for you.

The clitoris in light pink and dark pink on a yellow circle background.