The U-Spot: What It Is And Why You Should Explore It

curvy hips with brown skin. A red heart over her vulva with the word U-spot.

If you’re already familiar with the clitoris and the G-spot, the U-spot is another fun pleasure area to explore. 

What is this area, we hear you ask. Isn’t it enough that we have two amazing erogenous zones to play with? 

Well, it is – but bear with us. Unlike the G-spot, this erogenous zone is easy to find and easy to stimulate without having to be a contortionist with strong wrists.

The U-spot is located just under the clitoris (so you’re already in the area) and above the vaginal entrance (so you needn’t get into awkward positions to try and reach). Shaped like an upside-down U, this ‘spot’ is positioned at the opening of the vagina, directly above and to either side of the urethral opening, and can produce intensely pleasurable sensations when stroked, patted, and licked.

Like the G-spot, the U-spot is most likely part of the larger, internal clitoral structure (more research is needed before we know for sure). Also, much like the G-spot, the U-spot is a pleasure-area rather than a magical spot. The area is full of erectile tissue which fills with blood during arousal and becomes sensual and erotic to play with. 

A white and pink vulva with arrows highlighting the Urethra, Clitoris, Skene's Glands and vaginal opening.

How To Stimulate the U-Spot

As with any vulval play, we recommend having a bottle of water-based lube at hand. Lube enhances the sensuality of play, as well as taking care of any dry spots. Add a small amount of lube to your fingertips and then try gentle patting motions around the urethra and U-spot. You can use one finger, two fingers, or the whole hand. Start off gently and build up the pressure and speed of the patting as your arousal builds.

Some folks enjoy playing in this area when their bladder is full, as it adds to their erotic experience. This is entirely up to you. You might find that a full bladder adds to the pleasure, or you might find it’s a lot harder to relax and enjoy playing around the U-spot. Give it a go and see how it feels 🙂

Peeing Flushes Out Germs

U-pot play is highly sensual, but it can leave the urethra exposed to bacteria. Always go for a pee after play so any germs are flushed out. Getting into a habit of peeing after any sex play helps protect the delicate urethra and bladder from cystitis.