National Orgasm Day Tips

pale yellow background. A brown-skinned woman with black hair is having an orgasm

National Orgasm Day on the 31st of July celebrates sexual climax and raise awareness surrounding the issues many women have getting to the finishing line. One survey showed that 70% of women can orgasm up to 20 times in a row.  Without speaking to the participants, we don’t know how true this is – but it does leave us feeling like underachievers… (Or maybe just lazy?) We’d love to hear your take on this – have you tried for 20-in-a-row? How far did you get, and how much lube did you use? Did you take a pizza break?

You’re not alone if you’re struggling to orgasm. In fact, about one-third of young to middle-aged women struggle to come. This number only increases with age, with around 50% of older women affected. There is a whole host of reasons why this can be, from physical to psychological issues. If you are amongst the many, many women who never or rarely climax, 20 in a row just isn’t going to happen. So, better to start with something a little more realistic. Like one. (Or two, if you’re going for gold!)

When it comes to orgasms – practice makes perfect!

They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert, so what better day than National Orgasm Day to prioritize you pleasure and then make everyday orgasm day!  Orgasms are the perfect pick-you-ups and have many health benefits, relieving stress, boosting your body with feel-good hormones, helping you to sleep better and even live longer! But what works for one might not work for another, so give yourself time to experiment and really explore your body’s responses to different sensations.

If you feel yourself getting close but never quite making it, our best tip is to switch position. When you move around, tension builds in other parts of the body which might be just what you need. If you usually lie down, try sitting or even standing – though excellent body balance is required for the latter one!

Get your motor running

You know when it’s been a cold morning, and your car just won’t start? Your body is a little like that. If you don’t get warmed up, it’ll be a lot harder to get going. The build-up is so crucial when it comes to orgasms.

So fantasize, read some erotica, watch some porn, dress-up, undress, stroke your body – get in the mood before you dive right in.

Including a water-based lube into your routine, like Sh!’s Pure Lube, is going to make it a lot easier for you to get in the mood. This doesn’t just apply to sex toys and partnered sex, but lube can also massively improve solo play as it adds a delicious slipperiness to all your moves.

Our top tip is to use a pleasure gel if your clitoris or G-spot is slow to respond. Apply gel sparingly to your hot spots during play, and you’ll soon notice blood flow to the area increasing. The vulva plumps up and the clitoris starts tingling all by itself. This will help push you closer to climax!

Explore all erogenous zones

If you’ve ever had your nipples, earlobes, neck or inner thigh caressed by a partner, you already know what we’re talking about! Not only does playing with these areas cause that shivery feeling, but it can also lead to orgasm. Try stimulating different combinations of erogenous zones, rather than just going straight for the obvious ones. How about playing with your earlobe while a butt plug is working its magic in your tush? Or stroking the inside of your knee with one hand whilst the other is playing with the belly button? Your imagination is the only limit!

For dual stimulation, we love nipple suckers or nipple clamps. Using nipple toys allows for hands-free nip-stimulation while hands are busy elsewhere…

Play with toys

If the acoustic method isn’t working for you, it’s time to go electric. A vibrator moves up to 200 oscillations per minute, and the incredible power makes it fabulous for giving or enhancing orgasms. Vibes come in all shapes and sizes, so have a browse around to find one that tickles your pickle.

We recommend starting with something simple like the Ana Slim Flexible G-Spot Vibe. Sleek in design, it vibrates to stimulate the G-spot and can be used on the clitoris too.

For mind-blowing blended orgasms, we recommend going for a rabbit style vibrator like the Candy Pink Rabbit A-Spot Vibe.

If you’re not keen on good vibrations, there are gorgeous dildos for internal stimulation. Great for vaginal pleasure and quiet enough for shared houses, they come in many shapes & sizes. The Cupid 3 Curved Dildo is a firm favourite with its body-friendly curves.

We have a few tips when it comes to choosing a fun sex toy for your orgasmic celebration:

  • Choosing a vibrator with several settings gives you more options.
  • Don’t go too big when it comes to internal toys. Think about how many fingers feel just right, and opt for a similar girth dildo.
  • Toys intended for anal use must have a flared base or safe handle – you really don’t want anything getting lost!
  • Always use lube, as this enhances sensations and pleasure.

Take a learn to orgasm workshop!

Orgasms feel great, they relieve stress and they teach you more about how your body works. So, what better way to embrace National Orgasm Day than by enrolling on our Becoming Orgasmic course today!