Valentine’s Day: Gifts That Keep On Giving!

Two red heart-shaped balloons for Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and it won’t be a surprise to hear we’re giddy with excitement! We promote love, self-care and self-pleasure all year round, so of course, we’re EXTRA for V-Day! And by “extra,” we don’t mean diamonds or a surprise trip to Necker Island (wouldn’t say no tho); we’re just really into a day for “necking” and romance.

A Valentine’s Day gift to yourself

V-Day tends to be grating for single folks, and we can see why. Having loved-up coupledom rubbed in your face isn’t great. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have (a partner), focus on what you do have: You! Remember, partners may come and go, but the longest relationship you will ever have in life is with yourself. Make the 14th of February all about celebrating and enhancing this incredible relationship.

We are big believers in self-gifting – it’s the best way to ensure we get something we really want. Forget about roses, chocolate and teddy bears; gift yourself a lifetime of orgasms!

Becoming Orgasmic online sex course is an enlightening and empowering journey of pleasure. The A to Z of vulva-tastic pre-recorded pleasure education is packaged into bite-size sessions led by the delightful Evie Fehilly, sex educator for Shush Life & Sh! Learn about arousal, desire, anatomy, masturbation and sex toys in the privacy of your own bedroom, on a screen of your choice. Go as slow or as fast as you like; pause to get a snack if you want. The course is yours to keep, so you can refresh your orgasmic abilities whenever needed.

Evie Fehilly (long, ginger hair and glasses with clear frames) in a mustard-0yellow shit holds a purple and gold vulva puppet.

Gift a blow job for Valentine’s Day!

It’s no secret that many penis-owners love nothing better than receiving a warm, wet blow job of an evening. Or morning. Or afternoon. At every opportuinity!

It’s also no secret that many potential givers feel unsure and less than confident about going down on a penis. What do you do with the foreskin? Should you swallow? What if it tastes awful? Help!

Fret not, our friends! All these questions and many more are answered in our Mindblowing Blow Jobs online sex course. Learn how to give fantastic fellatio by yourself, practising on a vegetable or dildo of a suitable size. Discover how to amplify the pleasure and mix up techniques to deliver sensations and glorious climaxes. Then, on Valentine’s Day, surprise your boo by blowing their socks off!

Evie Fehilly (long ginger hair, glasses with clear frames and a red top) is holiding a banana

A sensual gift for couples

Forget about over-priced restaurants with slow service and lukewarm food. Stay in and play instead!

Light My Fire is a course for couples. Designed to help you rev up the passion (which often gets lost in long-term relationships), this course helps build sexual confidence, improves communication in and out of bed, and sparks an appetite for new adventures. It’s perfect for couples looking to rediscover pleasure or spice up playtime.

Our online sex courses are created to empower and inspire you! Each course is an online version of the classes we gave in-store at Sh!, the award-winning women’s sex shop. Being online and accessible forever means you can get access to your course at any time, wherever you are in the world!

A woman with long ginger hair and blue dress with red stripes holds a copy of Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski

“So many great tips!

Really enjoyed this, thank you! So many great ideas and tips. Evie is so easy to watch and listen to, and I learned so much about different techniques and new toys to try. This course has definitely inspired me to be more adventurous, can’t recommend it enough.”

Once you buy a Shush Life course, a link gets delivered to your inbox and you can start viewing it straight away. Happy Valentine’s Day!